I am so sorry for your Sandy Hook Elementary victims. I have a little sister, Marissa. She just turned eight on the 16th. I wouldn’t imagine losing her. Like these hearts in the background, you will never lose them. You will stay tied to them forever. They will always be in your hearts and ours too. They will always be loved, especially where they are now. I hope that the stress from this tragedy is lifted away, and that you are stronger. This tragedy spread to all of my family and many others. I have cried myself to sleep thinking of you and your losses. I have seen my mom cry as well, and I hope that the monster, Lanza gets punished by our Lord and Savior, God All Mighty. I wish you the best of luck. I will have you and all the other families of Newtown in my prayers.


Liliana Camarena, 7th Grade, RYSS