I am sorry for the loss of the people who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School. When I heard about it, I thought it was really sad because 20 children (six and seven years of age), six teachers, the gunman’s mother and the gunman were killed . When I saw it on the news, I saw the huge Christmas tree behind the reporter, and I thought to myself, “How would Christmas be after that tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School?” A lot of hearts were broken that day. Even President Obama’s heart was broken because when he was on television, his facial expression looked like he was really sad and crying. I still think to myself , “What kind of person would want to do that?” It is really sad. God bless the children and the teachers for trying to save their children. Hopefully, they are in a better place now, and Resting in Peace.


Daniel Guzman, 7th Grade, RYSS