I know words can’t describe what you feel. I know my pity can’t make you feel better, but I still want to tell all of Newtown that you’re not alone. I have a good idea of how it would feel to lose a young one. I wouldn’t be able to imagine how the town feels for losing their young ones. This event occurred on my brother’s 15th birthday. I know this is not the same compared to losing young ones, but I remember seeing all of those faces that were there looking sad with sorrow. I could not stop thinking about what had just happened. It was so much that I imagined my family or even my two little sisters being hurt or killed there. Not only did it hurt imagining this, but it felt even worse when I knew it had happened to children their age. I just can’t understand why this world is getting to a point where everything is about killing and violence.  I try to imagine a day in Newtown with happy young children eating popsicles, and enjoying their family’s company. But I know for this to happen, it will take a long time. I just really want you to know that my entire heart is with you and the town. May God bless those families who lost their little Angels. They will not have their children with them at this time of “joy and happiness”.  XOXOXO


Ana Salas, 7th Grade, RYSS